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Meet Founder & CEO of FYE Finance

Samara Andrews

certified quickbooks proadvisor

Hi, I’m Samara– an accountant, a finance coach, a financial advisor, a strategist, and a bookkeeping and QuickBooks expert.

Long Story Short…

I am your expert on all things finance. My passion is to help people and businesses become financially savvy. I save money and time (time is money) so people can live with mental peace, and businesses can see sustainable growth.

Short Story Long….

I am an MBA graduate in Business with a focus on Finance. For more than 10 years of corporate accounting, I have helped companies save 30+ hours per week and over thousands of dollars in fees through process improvement strategies.


During this time, I worked with organizations like CAT, Luxottica and Dover. But working in the corporate environment faded my passion for teaching and helping others. This gave me the unique idea to bring to small businesses and individuals the same opportunities afforded to major corporations. 

Every business needs a robust financial foundation, and an efficient accounting system to thrive.

I founded FYE Finance to foster that passion for spreading the calm of financial health and the joy of increased cashflow.

As an experienced finance professional, I specialize in virtual accounting for startups and small businesses. As a veteran finance coach, I help people, business owners, and entrepreneurs enhance financial literacy and transform the way they utilize money. Whatever I do, the result is … saving more and bringing more money home for my clients and trainees. 

When I am not crunching numbers or minting ideas to enhance cash flow for my clients; I’m usually crafting! I love creating items with my Circuit for my kids and myself. I also love to read. My favorite books are mystery novels from the oldies like Agatha Christie. I also enjoy to repurposing items and decorating my home in my spare time.  


A little about FYE Finance:

At FYE Finance, we treat clients as a family, so you get a personalized and authentic experience every time.

  • We never see obstacles, we see opportunities.
  • We never dwell on past mistakes, we focus on the future.
  • We don’t just execute the best strategies, we educate

When you choose us:

We don’t work for you, we work with you.


When you win, we win.

At FYE Finance, we help you…

See where you are right now.

Visualize where you can be.

Dream where you should be.


Form a bridge based on strategic financial planning and ongoing cash flow, to reach there. With us, you and your business will see new possibilities, new goals, new wins, and new successes.

A little about how we serve you…

We listen. During the initial consultation, we listen and learn about your current financial situation. This helps us assess your needs.

We plan. After listening to our clients, we share our vision to ensure we have your best interest at heart.

We visualize. Using every opportunity at hand, we continue to provide personalized services. We pass those benefits along through compliance updates, tax strategies, etc.

We materialize. Working as your business partners, we help you meet challenges, find solutions, and grow your cash flow.

We teach. Our job doesn’t end there. As your finance coach, we ensure that you become more confident, knowledgeable, and financially savvy.

Call me. I will love to get in touch with you.